About Us

Mission statement- Our mission is to facilitate a collaborative effort among our stake holders to enhance quality, capacity, and, efficiency within the supply chain.

Vision- Our success in the Japan market has led us to believe that we can further penetrate the global market, and contribute ourselves to the industry along with our skills, expertise, and experience.

Mitsui Wallet was founded in 1979, and is one of the most well-known and prestigious wallet manufacturing companies in China. In the beginning, the company was built upon a foundation of few employees and has now grown to over 1800 individuals in manufacturing, packaging, and design.

We specialize in producing high quality products such as sophisticated and functional wallets to highly stylized handbags. The fabrication process begins with the selection of premium materials such as genuine leather, PU, PVC and any other man made elements. The industrial design and concept is then carefully prepared for actual engineering and manufacturing. As a result, we create a near flawless premium product due to our commitment quality. Our renowned quality controls in our fabrication methods meet the strictest of client specifications. Thus, we at Mitsui Wallet take pride as a reputable manufacturer for China, Hong Kong, Japan and other overseas countries.

Mitsui Wallet has countless years of experience in the production of many designs of a wide variety of materials. Our staffs are comprised of teams that are dedicated to meeting every need of our client¡¦s details with precision. We only provide unsurpassed service with confidence and courtesy. The ongoing commitment to the development of our technologies in innovation and quality are the fundamentals of our excellence.